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Meet James and Cheryl

 Alaska called. We must go!


The year 2013 marked James' retirement from the U.S. Air Force after serving 23 years.  Shortly afterward he was offered jobs in different states including Alaska.  James left the final decision to his wife, Cheryl, who has followed him all over the globe homeschooling their two brilliant and beautiful daughters.  It was North to Alaska!

James had been to Alaska many, many times due to his career as a C-130 pilot.  Cheryl had only been to the airport, in the middle of winter, at night. They both desired living among the mountains.  Both were born and raised in Montana. Mountains are in their blood.


They found a small log home on a lake with a little bit of acreage.  James moved in January 2014.  Cheryl joined him in Alaska in September 2014 braving the drive through the Yukon Territory on the ALCAN Highway.


James enjoys his aviation related job.  He often reflects on the amazing skills of local Alaska pilots.  In his free time, he enjoys time in his workshop, talking about politics, cracking jokes, and his dogs.

Cheryl loves photography, cooking, reading and is sure she has a novel in her waiting to be written!


Both James and Cheryl love Alaska and look forward to sharing a little piece of it with you!



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